Billing Companies

Gain the advantage of truly-automated near 100% accurate DaaS.

Optimizing staff time is a never-ending quest in billing companies. Wave HDC’s Healthcare Data CurationTM solutions enable billing companies to realize the link between better data and optimal staff productivity.

Billing companies get better data before the hours start to add up.

Wave HDC’s Healthcare Data CurationTM solutions are purpose-built to help healthcare billing companies solve their problem of bad data early on, so they spend less time and less money reworking claims.


Perform simple, powerful verifications in seconds.

Our Eligibility Curator enables you to know what’s good and what’s bad. With every record, your staff could spend time going through it manually or you could bill a claim and take your chances. Both are expensive options. With Eligibility Curator, you could spend a few cents to learn whether the information is active and billable.


Find near 100% accurate patient information faster.

Our solutions are the only ones to leverage the Wave Analyzer’s AI-powered abilities to locate and correct patient information in real-time with nearly 100% accuracy. Wave’s Coverage Curator provides answers when you need them, and even pre-empts your requests by continuously updating and augmenting records for your system’s consumption.


Inaccurate or missing patient data gets automatically fixed.

Behind the scenes of your billing system, Wave’s always-on solutions update and correct patient records continuously. Our MBI Curator is the perfect example. It works behind the scenes automatically adding and updating MBIs in real-time, preventing rejected claims and saving staff from laborious manual fixes.


Solve your self-pay challenges with accurate real-time data.

If your billing company is handling self-pay, Demographics Curator returns the essential information you need. This tool draws from Wave HDC’s vast stores of data to ensure results – and compliance. Our Financial Disposition Curator is an indispensable aid for billing companies who handle self-pay, as it provides non-FCRA data for both propensity and ability to pay, and income and household size to help you make fully-informed decisions.


Leverage automation in your COVID-19 uninsured program.

Our COVID Registration Curator automates the registration of a patient’s COVID test event and certifies the process to meet CMS and Optum’s requirements. For billing companies looking for an automated solution with audit capabilities, this is the only option that certifies on behalf of users without any manual intervention and reduces time to reimbursement.

With 30% more hits than competitors and nearly 100% accuracy, Wave’s solutions are a game changer with significant returns for billers. In fact, if you don’t see a 300% ROI, we’ll make up the difference. Talk to us about the how quickly you could be online.