Focus on your patients’ health—we’ll fix their data.

Hospitals have their priorities right. They put the patient first. But it often comes at the expense of capturing accurate patient and insurance information at registration that hospitals need. The Wave HDC plug-in provides the data hospitals need to efficiently capture the correct data so they can submit claims and accurately determine patients’ propensity to pay while simultaneously determining charity qualification.

Accurate medical records start pre-admission.

It’s easy to see why 30-40% of medical records contain inaccurate or missing information. Hospital staff are relentlessly rushed to do things like alleviate pain and expedite patient care; verifying insurance coverage and other pieces of information often take a back seat. No problem—Wave HDC’s Eligibility Curator verifies insurance eligibility with thousands of payers instantly.


All the hard work of verifying has been done for you ahead of time.

Eligibility Curator returns accurate coverage information inclusive of secondary and tertiary coverages and details down to the plan level. Unlike competing solutions, ours takes the added step of verifying active and billable coverage.


Wave HDC Solutions solve administrative intake challenges automatically.

Our Coverage Curator plugs into hospitals’ host systems to fix missing or inaccurate patient and insurance information. Wave HDC’s discovery tools automatically fix data for coverage on file, including benefits using Eligibility Curator, charity qualification and propensity to pay using Financial Disposition Curator and contact information using Demographic Curator.


Save hospital staff time on the front- and back-end.

By automatically populating missing information and correcting inaccurate information, our solutions save staff considerable input time during registration. The near 100% accurate information our solutions provide saves hospitals on the back end by reducing rejected claims, returned statements and staff time spent reworking. Our MBI Curator is the perfect example. This tool works behind the scenes automatically adding and updating MBIs in real-time so they never become an issue for a rejected claim. What will your business office do with all the time we give back to them?


Gain real-time access to data on propensity and ability to pay.

Our Financial Disposition Curator helps hospitals make informed decisions regarding patients’ ability and propensity to pay. It relies on non-FCRA data to aid hospitals as they navigate competing initiatives and balance their obligations to mission and margin.

Clean, real-time insurance and patient data is a game changer for hospitals. We guarantee you’ll receive a 300% ROI—and if you don’t, we’ll make up the difference. Talk to us about integrating Wave HDC into your HIS.