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We diagnose your data to reduce your correspondence cycles by more than 70%.

Laboratories have it hard. Between the incomplete and inaccurate patient information you receive and the decreasing margins you’re earning on tests, it's a challenge to maintain profitability if not survive. Wave HDC is here to help, starting with returning accurate data on 30% more accessions than competitors.

Fix inaccurate or missing data automatically.

Our AI-powered data-as-a-service solutions plug into labs’ host systems to automatically fix inaccurate or missing data and significantly reduce inefficient manual processes from labs’ workflows. Our proprietary Wave Analyzer technology coupled with our suite of solutions and services are tailored to solve the key data needs labs face with breakthrough effectiveness, guaranteed.


Eliminate the need for physician and patient queries.

Automation is the key to getting the patient and insurance information you need without having to work accessions manually or risk bothering providers for addresses, correct spellings, etc. Wave HDC’s Coverage Curator fills in the blanks with the insurance and demographic data you need without the risk of bothering physicians or patients. The clean data you need to successfully submit claims automatically feeds into your system. Wave HDC leverages regulated data sources to protect your peace of mind against the risk of HIPAA violations, too.


Prevent rejected claims and misdirected bills before they occur.

Our Eligibility Curator ensures you have active and billable coverage on file. It checks eligibility and returns coverage details for most payers’ plans in the U.S.—1000s in all.


Reduce manual reworks.

Get the insurance and patient information you need to submit claims right the first time. Our AI-powered technology continuously adds to and updates your system. The Wave HDC MBI Curator is the perfect example. This tool works behind the scenes, adding and updating MBIs to patient profiles. Touchless. Guaranteed.


Get paid for COVID tests fast.

Our COVID Registration Curator automates the registration of a patient’s COVID test and certifies the process to meet CMS and Optum’s requirements all — without human intervention. Labs use our tool to obtain accurate records that get them paid in an average of 2-3 weeks versus the usual waiting period of 3 months.


Gauge patients’ ability and propensity to pay, while complying with financial assistance policies.

Our Financial Disposition Curator returns essential income and household data that helps guide labs who are operating on an order basis to make informed decisions about financial assistance qualification, payment plan necessity and propensity-to-pay without the high risk, hassles and expense of using FCRA data and pulling credit reports.

If your lab is not using Wave’s Healthcare Data CurationTM solutions, your revenue, RCM and workflows aren’t as good as they could be. Talk to us about how Wave HDC solutions can provide a guaranteed 300% ROI to your lab.