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40% of the data coming in from your referral sources is inaccurate. We can fix it!

Inaccurate patient data is the number one reason laboratories do not get reimbursed for tests they have performed. According to the nations largest clearinghouse, 43.8% of claim denials are due to inaccurate, obsolete, or missing patient demographic and insurance data.

Wave HDC can quantify exactly how much is being left behind.

Fix inaccurate or missing data automatically.

Our AI-powered RCM data-as-a-service solutions plug into labs’ host systems to automatically fix inaccurate or missing data and significantly reduce inefficient manual processes from labs’ workflows. Our proprietary AI-Based technology and our suite of solutions and services are tailored to resolve data inaccuracy and get you paid.


Eliminate the need for physician and patient queries.

Data Curation is the key to getting the patient and insurance information you need without having to work accessions manually or risk bothering providers for patient's insurance coverage, correct spellings, etc. Wave HDC’s Coverage Curator fills in the blanks with the insurance and demographic data you need without the risk of bothering physicians or patients. The accurate data you need to successfully submit claims is automatically updated in your billing, LIMS, and ordering system. Wave HDC leverages government-regulated data sources and patient ID verification to protect your peace of mind against the risk of HIPAA or compliance violations.


Prevent rejected and misdirected claims errors before they occur.

Our Eligibility Curator ensures you have active and billable coverage on file. It checks eligibility and returns coverage details from your payers in real-time and batch, your choice. From coordination of benefits (COB) determination to finding the Medicare Advantage or Medicaid MCO replacement plan, we have you covered.


Reduce manual reworks.

Get the insurance and patient information you need to submit claims right the first time. Our AI-powered technology continuously adds to and updates your system. The Wave HDC MBI Curator is the perfect example. This tool works behind the scenes, adding and updating MBIs to patient profiles.


You don't want to change any of your existing vendors...that's okay

  • The Wave Data Curation process does not require replacing existing vendors or staff. We work behind existing processes to ensure that no reimbursement is left behind.
  • We can function as your safety net vendor to find any coverage that has been missed by your internal processes or your insurance discovery vendor with a monthly audit of your uncompensated accessions.

Gauge patients’ ability and propensity to pay, while complying with financial assistance policies.

Our Financial Disposition Curator returns essential household income, household size, and FPL data to qualify patients for financial assistance programs, payment plan necessity, and propensity-to-pay without the high risk, hassles, and expense of using FCRA data and pulling credit reports.

If your lab is not using Wave’s Healthcare Data CurationTM solutions in your revenue cycle process, your workflows aren’t as efficient as they could be, and you are leaving money on the table. Talk to us about how Wave HDC solutions can provide a 3:1 ROI to your lab.

Save time and increase revenue today! Schedule a call with our team and start improving your RCM in as little as 30 days.