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About Us

We’re making work easier for the 1 out of 12 Americans who work in healthcare.

Solving a multibillion dollar problem.


Our decision to launch Wave was sealed by the realization that we have the expertise and technology trio of big data, AI and automation know-how to solve these problems for the first time in history.

User-obsessed solutions.


Our people bring together an unrivaled skillset in healthcare billing and technology and deep insights from decades of experience on the provider and insurer sides. We know the pressures experienced by providers and revenue cycle personnel. We understand the challenges to maintaining profit margins, mission, compliance and patient care because we’ve lived them. It’s what drives our nonstop solutioning as well as our hands-on approach to answering client needs, right down to the fastest and easiest integrations in the industry.

Proof of concept. Proven.


We are the trusted resource of leading hospitals, labs, billing companies and auditors. We’ve introduced a suite of AI-powered Healthcare Data CurationTM solutions that’s already solving major challenges through autonomous verification, correction of data, compliance and FWA management. These solutions are becoming more and more autonomous and delivering more and more value to providers and auditors every day. That’s the nature of AI—and our nature as a company.

Envisioning industry transformation.


We are on our way to becoming the de facto standard in intake data curation and have eliminated the need to run credit reports in healthcare. We believe the higher we raise the bar, the more our clients and their patients everywhere benefit.

Learn how Wave Healthcare Data CurationTM solutions can deliver transformative results and a 300% ROI for your organization.

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HDC was an overnight success—it just took 16 decades of collective experience to get there.

Dean Paluch

Chief Revenue Officer

Jordan Levitt

President & CEO

Chris Faranetta

Chief Technology Officer

Keith Truax

Chief Financial Officer

Trey Schisser

Director – Security IT and Operations

Rob May

VP of Marketing

David Kermavner

Senior Director – National Account Operations

Valentina Rezk

Assistant Brand Manager

David Figueredo

Chief Operating Officer

careers with wave

Work with a team using amazing technologies to solve healthcare’s data and billing challenges.

A movement is underway in healthcare that promises transformative benefits for patients and practices alike.

Make healthcare history.

Wave is looking for people who see the potential of artificial intelligence, big data and autonomous processing and want to be a part of the unprecedented work we’re doing. For the first time ever, the tools are available to solve the decades-old challenges of healthcare data management and billing. Join Wave on the vanguard of this important moment in history by bringing your talents to a team unlike any other.

Be a hero to customers.

Wave solves issues healthcare providers, their intake staff and billers can’t, using tools many in the industry don’t even know exist. As a member of Wave’s team, you’ll be empowering physicians, diagnosticians, hospitals and labs to run their operations better, so they can serve their patients better. You’ll know the satisfaction of being a trusted partner and playing an essential role in their success.

Work with the best.

Bring your best ideas and efforts to solving exciting challenges that have never been attempted in this industry. Work with top leaders in data processing and healthcare intake and billing. At Wave, you’ll learn from the best and collaborate closely with a diverse and inclusive team that puts clients first.

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POSTED December 10, 2021

Turning Demographics Into Dollars: RCM Strategies for Maximizing Revenue

Wave HDC, the most trusted source in healthcare for data curation, now provides clients with data which maximizes statement delivery as well as maximizing USPS bulk rate discounts.

POSTED December 01, 2021

5 Ways Wave HDC Can Help You Get More From Your EMPI

Wave HDC, the most trusted source in healthcare for data curation and revenue cycle management, recognizes the challenge many of our clients face when it comes to capturing data and managing their service population in an e-MPI. Our solutions not only ensure clean and accurate data, support connectivity across systems, and enable the care continuum but also streamline revenue cycle management processes, leading to improved financial outcomes for your organization.

POSTED September 26, 2022
By Jordan Levitt, President & CEO

The Art And Science Of Healthcare Data Curation

By definition, a curator is one whose role is to acquire, care for, and develop a collection, and in Wave HDC’s case, the collection is data.