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David “Fig” Figueredo has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare and information management spaces, having worked with a broad range of hospitals, providers, payers, and government agencies on transformational projects.

His extensive background in EDI created a passion for developing low/no touch process automation through the use of data and applied analytics. Before joining Wave, Fig led the Sales & Business Development group at Change Healthcare. He helped develop products in the audit, coverage discovery, and TPL spaces and savvy go-to-market strategies. At the time of his departure, he was their VP & Solution Architect developing integrated delivery solutions crossing the BPO and technology sectors.

Early in his career, Fig began to understand the root cause of much of the dysfunction and revenue loss for providers originated from fragmented and inaccurate patient data. He determined that those problems could effectively be solved through well-designed eligibility, data integration & validation, and efficient workflow processes.

Using a consultative approach, Fig has spent much of his career working with a broad range of providers to tackle systemic system and process issues. He has successfully created solutions and remediation plans using a comprehensive set of tools and technologies focused on early intervention and workflow automation. He shares his insights by authoring articles and white papers and speaking at industry events such as HFMA, EWC, and other professional organizations.

David received his Bachelor of Science degree from Middle Tennessee State University, where he studied Biology and Chemistry. He’s been married for 20 years to his wife, Jennifer, a passionate public education specialist, and they have two amazingly talented kids.

David Figueredo

Chief Operating Officer

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Chief Financial Officer

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Assistant Brand Manager

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Work with a team using amazing technologies to solve healthcare’s data and billing challenges.

A movement is underway in healthcare that promises transformative benefits for patients and practices alike.

Make healthcare history.

Wave is looking for people who see the potential of artificial intelligence, big data and autonomous processing and want to be a part of the unprecedented work we’re doing. For the first time ever, the tools are available to solve the decades-old challenges of healthcare data management and billing. Join Wave on the vanguard of this important moment in history by bringing your talents to a team unlike any other.

Be a hero to customers.

Wave solves issues healthcare providers, their intake staff and billers can’t, using tools many in the industry don’t even know exist. As a member of Wave’s team, you’ll be empowering physicians, diagnosticians, hospitals and labs to run their operations better, so they can serve their patients better. You’ll know the satisfaction of being a trusted partner and playing an essential role in their success.

Work with the best.

Bring your best ideas and efforts to solving exciting challenges that have never been attempted in this industry. Work with top leaders in data processing and healthcare intake and billing. At Wave, you’ll learn from the best and collaborate closely with a diverse and inclusive team that puts clients first.