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POSTED March 01, 2023
By David Figueredo, Chief Operating Officer

COB Curation: Real-time Coordination of Benefit Automation and Correction

According to a 2020 Kaiser Foundation study, 17% of claims are denied with 50% of providers in the southeast and mid-west experiencing 20-30% denials rates according to CMS Transparency data published in 2021. While denials can be the result of a wide range of procedural and informational issues, a prevalent theme as one looks at the data is that nearly 50% of denials can be associated with registration and coordination of benefit reason categories.

POSTED January 14, 2023

HLTH 2022: Post-Event Recap

Healthcare professionals gathered in Las Vegas November 13-16 for HLTH 2022. Designed to “gather the entire health ecosystem for an intimate, curated event experience,” this conference focused on accelerating innovation in the industry. HLTH attracts a broad range of attendees, including providers and health systems, payers, employer benefits leaders, consumer tech and wellness specialists, investors, and life sciences and pharma experts.

POSTED January 12, 2023

Becker’s Healthcare 2022 CEO + CFO Roundtable: Post-Event Recap

On November 7–10, healthcare leaders returned to Chicago for Becker’s annual CEO + CFO Roundtable. This C-suite-focused event included over 160 speakers from hospitals and health systems around the country. In addition to the “in-person” event, a virtual component was also offered for remote registrants.

POSTED January 11, 2023
By Keith Truax, Chief Financial Officer

The Importance Of Financial Stewardship

Stewardship, by definition, means the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care. As financial stewards of the organizations we serve, it is our utmost responsibility and one to be performed with all the energy and discipline we can muster.

POSTED January 10, 2023

AMP 2022 Annual Meeting & Expo: Post-Event Recap

The Valley of The Sun (Phoenix, AZ) was the host city for the Association For Molecular Pathology’s AMP 2022 Annual Meeting & Expo. Held November 1st – 5th, the AMP conference is the only educational event developed and presented by internationally recognized molecular diagnostic professionals.

POSTED January 02, 2023

Wave Webinar Series: “Hiding In Plain Sight” - Event Recap

On December 14th, the Wave Webinar Series wrapped up for 2022 with “Hiding In Plain Sight: Five Reasons Why Paper Forms Cost More Than You Realize” with Wave CRO Dean Paluch and special guest speaker Greg Stein, the CEO of Shadowbox. Wave and Shadowbox have come together to offer paper-based labs a unique platform that quickly reduces costs while increasing revenue.

POSTED November 30, 2022

Five Reasons Why Paper Forms Cost More Than You Realize

Studies show that more than 50% of all lab tests are still processed on paper. While health systems and large national laboratories typically use software that enables the electronic transfer of lab orders and results, small to mid-sized labs still overwhelmingly rely on paper and fax machines, with the assumption that automation is too expensive. But do they know the actual cost of all that paper?

POSTED November 28, 2022
By Dean Paluch, Chief Revenue Officer

AI And Automation: The Power Behind Data Curation

In its 2021 joint poll, the MGMA (Medical Group Management Association) and Change Healthcare reported that 69% of healthcare leaders surveyed reported an increase in claims denials. Ironically, the upward trend cites the traditional root causes. The survey concluded that three of the top four issues were tied to front-end workflows (e.g. registration, eligibility) and accounted for 50% of denials.

POSTED November 15, 2022

Event Recap: July 2022 Diagnostic Coverage & Reimbursement Conference

Wave HDC was honored to co-sponsor and participate in the 21st Semi-Annual Diagnostic Coverage & Reimbursement Conference held July 27th-28th in Chicago!

POSTED October 03, 2022

Wave HDC Elevates Their Tech Stack With the Acquisition of Goodvisit

Tampa, Florida, October 1, 2022. Today, Healthcare Data Curation® and automation leader Wave HDC announced the expansion of its capabilities by acquiring Goodvisit, a leading provider of fee estimation, denial prevention, and work list tools.

POSTED September 26, 2022
By Jordan Levitt, President & CEO

The Art And Science Of Healthcare Data Curation

By definition, a curator is one whose role is to acquire, care for, and develop a collection, and in Wave HDC’s case, the collection is data.

POSTED September 07, 2022

Wave HDC & Shadowbox Team Up to Help Labs Navigate an Uncertain Economy

Wave HDC, the most trusted source in healthcare for data curation, now provides clients with data which maximizes statement delivery as well as maximizing USPS bulk rate discounts.

POSTED August 01, 2022
By Keith Truax, Chief Financial Officer

Maximizing Revenues and Minimizing Costs. Your Success Is Our Motivation!

Have you ever considered assigning the categories of “best,” “better,” and “worst” to claims? The “best” claim is the one that never existed, and the “better” claim is the one easily denied due to a plethora of rules. The “worst” claim is the one that is complete, accurate, and timely. That’s the perspective some of our colleagues in the industry take and one Wave HDC seeks to challenge.

POSTED December 10, 2021

Turning Demographics Into Dollars

Wave HDC, the most trusted source in healthcare for data curation, now provides clients with data which maximizes statement delivery as well as maximizing USPS bulk rate discounts.

POSTED December 01, 2021

5 Ways Wave HDC Can Help You Get More From Your EMPI

Wave HDC, the most trusted source in healthcare for data curation, recognizes the challenge many of our clients face when it comes to capturing data and managing their service population in an e-MPI.