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Event Recap: July 2022 Diagnostic Coverage & Reimbursement Conference

Wave HDC was honored to co-sponsor and participate in the 21st Semi-Annual Diagnostic Coverage & Reimbursement Conference held July 27th-28th in Chicago!

POSTED November 15, 2022

Wave HDC was honored to co-sponsor and participate in the 21st Semi-Annual Diagnostic Coverage & Reimbursement Conference held July 27th-28th in Chicago! Educational programming provider, Q1 Productions, hosts the event. The conference attendees included a variety of stakeholders from the laboratory and payer communities in a setting that promotes collaborative knowledge sharing and networking.

Kicking Off the Event

Our CRO, Dean Paluch, was tapped to deliver the opening remarks session on the 28th. Dean, an expert in revenue cycle operations and technology, did a fantastic job (as always!) addressing the audience and sharing his perspective on RCM and how data curation is addressing current challenges.

An Opportunity to Connect and Re-Connect

Dean was able to meet many of the attendees, and he commented that the conference sessions were powerful. He especially enjoyed the keynote panel discussion focused on strategies utilized throughout the pandemic. He found that all the sessions were well-delivered and relevant to the conference theme of reimbursement.

Although event attendance was lower than average, this allowed for more networking and deeper individual discussions. Several of the attendees expressed interest in our AR Audit solution. The Wave team conducted several demos and shared information about how our clients are converting their aging receivables into cash.

Dean also reconnected with a long-time colleague (and current client!) Mark Hiat, the VP of Medical Affairs for Guardant Health. Mark led a session on the healthcare and testing delivery environment. He also co-presented during two other sessions focused on contracting/pricing and health policy; some great insights were shared during his segments.

What’s Next?

Our team looks forward to attending these events and engaging with our peers. Meeting in person lets us hear your stories and discuss ways Wave can help. Preparations for the next conference are underway; we’ll head to Boston in December. Plan to stop by the Wave HDC booth and meet the team!

We Can Help You Do More

The claims submission and reimbursement processes are problematic primarily due to inaccurate and obsolete data; there’s a better way! For details on our solutions and to learn how healthcare data curation can reduce costs and increase revenues for your organization, contact Wave HDC today!

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