Maximizing Revenues and Minimizing Costs. Your Success Is Our Motivation!

POSTED August 01, 2022

By Keith Truax, Chief Financial Officer

Have you ever considered assigning the categories of “best,” “better,” and “worst” to claims? The “best” claim is the one that never existed, and the “better” claim is the one easily denied due to a plethora of rules. The “worst” claim is the one that is complete, accurate, and timely. That’s the perspective some of our colleagues in the industry take and one Wave HDC seeks to challenge.

The Source Of The Problem

Did you know that 30% - 40% of the data sent to you by referral sources is wrong, outdated, or missing? Healthcare is complicated enough without adding the hassle of contacting your patients to obtain the information you need to get reimbursed. This results in your staff spending excessive hours trying to reconcile data when they should be focused on more critical tasks. Unfortunately, billions of dollars are lost across the industry every year due to unrecognized revenue and wasted time.

We’re About Meeting Customer Needs

If you think about it, it’s just good business right? Maximize revenue and minimize cost. But having a successful business isn’t worth it if you have to operate in a way that‘s a disservice to your customers.

I firmly believe that if we do right by our customers, their success and loyalty will naturally follow. Here at Wave HDC, our primary goal is to help customers achieve and maintain a healthy bottom line. Our team is committed to providing a quality customer experience centered on integrity while yielding positive financial results.

There’s A Better Way!

What if there was the ability to get all the relevant information necessary to get paid at a fraction of the traditional cost? What if there was a way to create an automated process that didn’t require contacting the patient? And what if you could turn that patient bill into a claim, the same claim the payor never wants to see or pay?

Well, our solutions address all of these “what ifs” and more. We help our clients get paid for their services, enhance the overall patient experience, streamline operations, and improve employee satisfaction.

Are you ready to learn how we can help your organization run more efficiently and clear your aging A/R? Contact us today!

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