MPI Curator

POSTED December 01, 2021

Wave HDC, the most trusted source in healthcare for data curation, recognizes the challenge many of our clients face when it comes to capturing data and managing their service population in an e-MPI.

In recent times, the struggle to keep MPIs (Master Patient Indexes) clean, has increased. Between policy changes, less direct communication with patients, and less verification of cards and IDs have contributed to the issue. The trailing indicators are less accurate claims, more returned mail, and an increase in write-offs; Wave HDC is here to tell you this is avoidable.

Wave HDC can clean up the old, but also prepare you for the new. Rather than let bad data fester, Wave HDC can take a data dump from its clients to consolidate and optimize e-MPI’s, making the life of your Medical Records team easier, and even updating coverage information so clean data is present upon intake, leading to shorter wait times and greater registration accuracy, if you’re not using Wave HDC in real time.

If you would like to see a reduction in rework, costly medical record conflicts, and record maintenance, start here. Once the clean up is complete, proceed to maintenance mode and enjoy the decreased risk and increased revenue, scale and process advantages that accompany clean data. Your auditors will be impressed --- Just another reason Wave HDC is your trusted advisor’s trusted advisor.

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