5 Ways Wave HDC Can Help You Get More From Your EMPI

POSTED December 01, 2021

Wave HDC, the industry leader in healthcare data curation, recognizes the challenge many of our clients face when it comes to capturing data and managing their service population in an EMPI (enterprise master patient index). A well-designed EMPI maintains consistent and accurate data about each patient a healthcare organization registers. It also ensures that various encounters (e.g., inpatient and rehab facility stays, clinic services, etc.) are correctly identified and holistically consolidated using essential elements of the patient’s identifiable data.

Over the years, the struggle to maintain the integrity of these patient data warehouses has increased dramatically. Policy changes, fewer direct communications with patients, and less verification of insurance cards and IDs have all contributed to the problem. These factors ultimately result in registration and possible medical record issues, less accurate claims, more returned mail, and an increase in write-offs. Fortunately, all of these outcomes can be avoided with the right tools.

The Wave HDC Solution

Wave HDC can clean up your existing data and change the way you work. Our solutions help you break the cycle of insufficient data that’s festering in your system. When you partner with our team, we’ll develop an implementation strategy that:

  1. Optimizes Your EMPI: We take an initial dump of your patient data and evaluate, deduplicate and sanitize it so your EMPI can do its job
  2. Cleans Your Data: Our solution updates the coverage information so clean data is available to your Registration staff when patients present for service
  3. Curates Contact Data: We monitor and deliver pertinent contact data elements like cell numbers and addresses
  4. Promotes Consistency: Our tool maintains the flow of clean and compliant demographic information on a continuous basis
  5. Enables Compliance: The risk of HIPAA violations is minimized as contact data is kept up to date by using regulated data

A Smart Investment

Healthcare organizations rely on their EMPIs to support connectivity across systems, eliminate duplicate records, and enable the care continuum. But when data integrity is compromised, risks to patient care, compliance, and revenue capture are created.

With our proven solutions, you’ll see a noticeable shift in your business operations, including a simplified workflow for your Medical Records team, shorter patient wait times, and shorter registration times with greater accuracy, all of which work to elevate the patient experience.

Why not invest in a system that reduces rework, costly medical record conflicts, and record maintenance? Once our curation tools are installed, your investment will yield ongoing dividends that accompany clean data. Your risk of compliance violations will decrease while your revenue, scale, and process advantages increase.

Don’t Tolerate Bad Data!

If your success is contingent upon accurate patient data, you need Wave HDC. We feature several data curation options that can help you streamline operations and maximize reimbursement. Let us put the power of our vast data resources to work for you. Reach out to us today and find out how we can help your business do more!

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