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Turning Demographics Into Dollars

POSTED December 10, 2021

Wave HDC, the most trusted source in healthcare for data curation, now provides clients with additional data that boosts statement delivery and maximizes USPS bulk rate discounts. We’ve added Delivery Point Validation, or DPV, to our Demographic Curator product to complement our leading demographic and ID verification tools.

Meet DPV

If you’re not familiar with DPV, Delivery Point Validation, it takes address verification to the next level by validating an address type. Once an address has been CASS certified, providers can be assured that their correspondence is heading to a valid address. This reduces the time and expense associated with undeliverable mail and increases the likelihood of a response from the patient. Other DPV benefits include:

  • Ability to correct the address without having to contact the patient
  • Frees staff to work on more critical tasks
  • Improves the patient experience by reducing delivery delays
  • Improves USPS processing and delivery times
  • Reduces the risk of HIPAA violations by protecting against inadvertent delivery to commercial or vacant addresses
  • Maximizes delivery likelihood by validating address line 2
  • Reduces mailing costs

Although Wave HDC has always validated and CASS-certified addresses, DPV now enables our clients to leverage intelligent barcoding for even deeper mail discounts. The DPV technology confirms address existence and deliverability, including suite and apartment numbers, so USPS rewards you for the effort by providing deeper discounts for pre-scrub efforts.

Trust Our Data

Our Demographics Curator contains data for over 400 million Americans, including adults, adolescents, and the deceased. We curate a massive amount of demographic information, touching 108 data points. By adding DPV, we’re improving on the best curation platform in the industry by creating yet another level of confidence for our clients.

Are You Ready To Start Saving?

There’s no charge to activate DPV. We’re providing this feature, as part of our Demographic Curator, to our clients as a value-added service, so you don’t have to manage more software, engage another vendor, or support another product.

Just reach out to your Account Manager to activate DPV, and Wave HDC will provide you back the CASS-certified results with the additional DPV coding. You’ll quickly be on your way to higher delivery rates, a smoother workflow, and greater savings!

To learn more about the Demographics Curator, the benefits of DPV, or our other solutions, reach out to us today!

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