Wave HDC Elevates Their Tech Stack With the Acquisition of Goodvisit

POSTED October 03, 2022

Tampa, Florida, October 1, 2022. Today, Healthcare Data Curation® and automation leader Wave HDC announced the expansion of its capabilities by acquiring Goodvisit, a leading provider of fee estimation, denial prevention, and work list tools.

Wave HDC will retain the Goodvisit staff and invest in its tech-forward cloud-based serverless environment.

“We’re thrilled to onboard the Goodvisit team and technology,” says Wave HDC CEO Jordan Levitt.

“For a year, we have worked closely with Goodvisit to improve the accuracy of their autonomous good faith estimates, which can be provisioned at check-in via a real-time transaction or preprocessed. Goodvisit’s tech-forward philosophy and API suite align perfectly with Wave HDC.”

Adding Goodvisit’s unique technology and expertise allows Wave to provide clients with enhanced functionality, including an expanded portal, dynamic interface, real-time patient cost estimates, and upfront account balance resolution.

Tom Wall, Goodvisit co-founder and CTO, comments, “Wave HDC has been an incredible partner in improving our automated fee estimation. Our good faith estimates, work listing, and denial prevention tools have all benefited greatly, and our APIs are feeding more systems better data. Having access to Wave HDC’s tools and staff is going to help us continue to deliver the market’s best products to help our customers meet regulatory requirements while reducing bad debt and increasing cash flow.”

About Wave HDC:

Wave HDC is the industry leader in Healthcare Data Curation® services that translate into cost savings and operational efficiencies for laboratories, healthcare providers, and billing companies. The Wave HDC solution suite is the answer to lost revenue and productivity due to rejected and uncompensated claims. For more information, visit us at www.wavehdc.com or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


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