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Wave works with leading software vendors and platforms to help them enhance the power of their solutions.

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We are a data-as-a-service provider that works with you to make your clients’ RCM better, revenues stronger and workflows more efficient. Big data is the big difference healthcare providers need and want. We supply the technology, resources and expertise to help you deliver the best patient and insurance data available.

Your solutions become AI-powered, partnering with us.


Wave HDC’s solutions are the only ones powered by the Wave Analyzer and Wave’s 160+ years of collective expertise in RCM-problem solving. When you partner with us, you expand your team’s capabilities to the forefront of Healthcare Data CurationTM, which is right where your clients want you to be. Together we can help solve their greatest patient intake and billing challenges.

We’re going to make this super easy for you.


We’re easy to work with and our installs are famously fast. With machine learning managing the majority of our mappings, we are typically up and running in ¼ the time it takes our competitors. That’s just the beginning of the difference between Wave as an AI-enabled DaaS provider and others. All you have to do is look at our results to see that.

What our partners say about us

Our relationship with Wave HDC has been seamless and effective in driving value for our clients.

AI/RPA Solution' West Coast


Wave HDC has been incredibly responsive and always follow through on their commitments.

AI/RPA Solution, Midwest


Wave HDC's data empowering our platform is the winning combination our clients needed.

Billing Software, Northeast


Wave HDC is outright amazing!  They have hands down the best transactional products in the market.

Clearinghouse, Midwest


If only my financial planner provided the returns to me that Wave HDC provides to our clients, I'd be a billionaire.

Clearinghouse, Southeast


We've been looking for a partner who could do this for years. Plenty said they could, Wave HDC proved it.

LIS, West Coast


Wave HDC is the only clearinghouse who demonstrates leveraging inference logic.

Billing Company, South


We thought automated MBI conversion was an impossibility. Wave HDC just gets it done.

Billing Company, Northeast


We have a contract for eligibility, but we need to switch to you so we can actually verify active and coverage, in real time, with real benefits.

AI/RPA Solution, Midwest

Medcare MSO
Innovative Lab Solutions
Rhodes Group

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