Coverage Curator

Achieve high confidence coverage discovery with a 3:1 ROI.

Intake error rates are always higher than estimated. While quality assurance may measure 3%, it’s actually often between 15-17%. Wave HDC’s Coverage Curator accurately measures intake errors and then fixes them automatically.

Our solution fixes more insurance data than any other tool, curated and verified by AI for near 100% confidence.

Don’t let bad data bloat your A/R.

To determine whether your registration data is inaccurate just compare your back-end staff count to your volume. A growing back end means you may be spending more time fixing claims than filing them. We fix that.

All systems have some bad patient data. Even information that’s accurate today, may need updating tomorrow. Our tool solves that problem by automating the fixing, augmenting and updating of patient data in your system. If you have incorrect, incomplete or no coverage on file, it fixes it—continuously without you lifting a finger.


Automated insurance and patient updates bring automatic RCM benefits.

Wave HDC’s Coverage Curator works behind the scenes with host systems to minimize the cost of insurance discovery and streamline workflows—often while generating additional insurance revenue missed by previous processes and vendors.

Our tool automates the identification of existing insurance coverage for records with a self-pay, unbillable or unspecified payer status. Once identified, the tool updates the patient and insurance information so that a claim can be generated to the correct payer.

By autonomously discovering insurance and correcting information gaps or inaccuracies as early as possible, our tool reduces downstream manual corrections by back-end staff. The workflow efficiencies translate to end-to-end time and cost savings.


It’s everything you need for successful coverage capture…automated.

  • Verify you have the correct payer
  • Determine if a patient has active, billable insurance coverage
  • Ensure the patient demographic data is accurate
  • Retrieve benefit details for most payers’ plans in the U.S.—1000s in all
  • Receive information on co-pays, coinsurances, deductibles and termination date
  • Know if government and commercial carriers apply
  • Gain automatic HRSA uninsured certification
  • Learn primary and secondary eligibility
  • Leverage primacy and chaining logic

Without HDC, there’s no good way to fix the bad data in your system.

Feed your host system with continuously-updated always-accurate patient and insurance information. Coverage Curator is the only tool to take the essential step of not just finding coverage, but ensuring active billable coverage. And it’s the only data-as-a-service tool in healthcare to return primary and secondary eligibility without the need for human intervention.

AI, IA and RA provide the decisive advantage in the HDC insurance discovery process. Automated information that provides the essentials for submitting clean claims in seconds is soon to become the new standard.


Returned statements and claims or return on investment? Your choice.

With an average 50% find rate of active and billable coverage and 100% accuracy, any way you measure the results of Wave HDC’s Coverage Curator you win. We’re so certain, that if you don’t achieve a 300% ROI, we’ll make up the difference.

Save time and increase revenue today! Schedule a call with our team and start improving your RCM in as little as 30 days.