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COVID Registration Curator

Write off less COVID-19 tests and get paid 4-times faster.

When our COVID Registration Curator is used to certify and register for patients’ COVID-19 tests, users get paid in an average of 3 weeks versus waiting 3 months. It’s because the data provided by the Wave Analyzer conforms to what Optum expects, regularly monitoring for changes—and is the only tool of its kind to do that. The Wave Analyzer’s AI knows what to do and how to do it.

Submit claims for uninsured patients despite the odds.

Getting compensated for COVID-19 tests is a challenge and a race against time. The biggest problem is the data. Up to 48% of it is bad and hospitals and labs just don’t have access to the information needed to bill effectively. As a result, most providers are writing tests off or suffering penalties for the time it takes to fix bad or omitted data. Don’t leave good money on the table. Use our tool to clean up your data and get paid, quickly.


Use automation to certify your records and register.

Our tool automates the registration of a patient’s COVID testing event and certifies the process to meet CMS’ and Optum’s requirements, all without human intervention. The solution to the problem is data and knowing the rules. All that uncompensated care you’ve been holding onto because you didn’t have the information you needed? Rely on our tool to get you the data to perform the tasks, to get you paid.


Make good come from bad data.

Wave HDC’s COVID Registration Curator takes the bad or limited information you have and feeds it into the Wave Analyzer which automatically finds the data, figures out the rules, makes fixes and feeds accurate data for uninsured COVID-19 claims back into your host system.

To legitimately submit, you must certify that each patient does not have insurance. This tool certifies for you that insurances have been checked and that the patient doesn’t have applicable coverage and then registers for you, with an audit trail. It automates this and other tasks that can cause a claim to pend or be rejected.


Access the data you need to get paid for the COVID-19 tests you perform.

  • Retrieve temporary Patient ID numbers for all uninsured COVID-19 patients
  • Certify that patients are uninsured
  • Have compliance reporting
  • Collect correct name, address and insurance to submit claim as needed
  • Leverage proprietary algorithms fine-tuned for the pandemic

It’s the only tool of its kind to automate certification.

Manually certifying insurance and finding the data to submit COVID-19 testing seldom meet audit requirements. Hence the large number of write-offs and take backs. For those looking for an automated solution with audit capability, our tool is the only option that certifies on behalf of users without any manual intervention.


Wave HDC makes COVID-testing claims found money.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to easily integrate with your native system, Wave HDC’s COVID Registration Curator is your answer. Don’t wait and risk the reimbursement pool running out.


You have nothing to lose and guaranteed ROI to gain.

Turn on a new revenue source with Wave HDC’s tool and if you don’t gain a 300% ROI, we’ll make up the difference.