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Demographics Curator

We know the contact information you need before you even ask.

Wave HDC’s Demographics Curator leverages big data in ways that have never been done before in healthcare. It uses the Wave Analyzer to search vast stores of regulated data, find patterns, create rules, and curate solutions for you in real-time to enable healthcare providers to do what they’ve never been able to do before: access accurate demographic data the moment they need it. With Wave HDC’s Demographics Curator, many transformative benefits are within reach—from reduced claim rejections and receivables to increased revenue, office efficiency, and reduced risk of violations.

We’re using big data to solve healthcare’s bad data.

Bad data is to blame for a staggering amount of inefficiency in the healthcare industry. On average, 30% of the patient information in a healthcare provider's database is obsolete or incorrect. Bad demographic data prevents eligibility verification and leads to downstream issues like rejected claims, undeliverable patient statements, and an inability to follow-up with patients for billing and clinical results.

Contact information is the focus of Wave HDC’s Demographics Curator. With the wrong address, your patients may not receive clinical results, and you may cause a HIPAA violation. We offer a simple solution to a costly problem.


Every provider in our industry can benefit from data with >99.9% accuracy.

Wave HDC’s Demographic Curator allows providers to always have accurate and up-to-date patient contact information throughout the patient’s continuum of care. By reducing or even eliminating bad data, our tool improves statement delivery, reduces the cost of rework, and accelerates payments.


In our highest-performing RCM model, curation is done pre-claim.

Behind our tool, the Wave Analyzer is at work curating patient record data for hundreds of millions of Americans and constantly evolving to make your host system smarter so it has the comprehensive data it needs the moment it needs it.

The Wave Analyzer takes the data points provided at intake and compares them with what the insurance company has on file—and more. We continually analyze 108 points of patient data on the host system in real-time. For a real difference, you’ll see in your clean claim count.


Accurate real-time addresses bring home transformative benefits.

  • Over 400 million Americans on file and 108 data points
  • Reduce returned mail and correspondence cycles
  • See fewer claim rejections and payment delays, resulting in more cash, faster
  • Minimize HIPAA security risks through our exclusive use of regulated data
  • Reduce staff research and manual rework through automation
  • Curate the basics and ancillary data like cell number and employment info

We’ve made a career of finding contact data, so you don’t have to.

Providers with obsolete or inaccurate data have two choices. They can fix it manually by calling patients and referrers and searching the web themselves. Or they can have it corrected automatically using our tool. Our Demographics Curator is the only tool using in-memory analytics that sports proprietary algorithms that know how to find and fix contact information when other solutions are merely guessing or fail.


If you only did one thing to improve self-pay management, this should be it.

Connect our tool and you’ll have the most accurate, up-to-date patient records right when you need them. Wave clients experience up to a 300% ROI when leveraging our full portfolio of health care Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) products and services, including the Demographics Curator.

Save time and increase revenue today! Schedule a call with our team and start improving your RCM in as little as 30 days.