Financial Disposition Curator

Get a comprehensive snapshot of a patients’ financial disposition without the risk and burden of FCRA data.

Wave HDC’s Financial Disposition Curator combines technology and strategy into what is becoming the next generation solution to eliminate FCRA tools that use credit inquiries. It gives healthcare providers the data they need to make informed decisions about presumptive charity care, financial assistance qualification, payment plan necessity and propensity-to-pay without the high risk, hassles and expense of using FCRA data.

Wave data holds the answer to financial assistance qualification challenges.

Healthcare organizations that provide financial assistance programs struggle to gather the necessary paperwork and attestation required to qualify patients needing assistance with their outstanding balances. That’s where Wave HDC’s Financial Disposition Curator plays an essential role. “Thin file” consumers create a gap between FCRA data and credit report-derived data; our tool has no population gaps.

Our tool gives providers the necessary information about patients’ propensity and ability to pay so they can make an informed, non-discriminatory decision. Without the facts, providers risk harassing patients, wasting effort chasing uncollectible bills, and a slough of FCRA-related risks.


Most financial disposition tools have major drawbacks.

FCRA tools—the most common source of patient data—have downsides that include expensive surcharges, the potential for triggering credit reports on patients and adverse actions requiring you to report back to the bureaus or field complaints from the OIG. Our solution helps you avoid all these.


Our solution is purpose-built for your mission.

The Financial Disposition Curator plugs into host systems to provide real-time data as early as pre-service to inform the best decisions as patients move through every stage of care. Our revenue cycle management (RCM) tool leverages regulated, non-FCRA data aggregators, the expertise of our seasoned team, and advanced analytics to supply healthcare providers with all the financial information necessary to make confident, fair, informed decisions.


We know how to navigate around the downsides of FCRA data.

Our tool leverages regulated data to return the necessary household attributes without all the regulations and nuisance policies surrounding FCRA data. In addition to delivering better results, there are no surcharges or risks of triggering credit reports or adverse action with credit bureaus. Plus there’s no extra paperwork, no changes to your conditions of admission forms, and no compliance risks with having patient credit data in your records.


Get the data to serve your mission and margin best.

Financial Assistance Pre-Qualification

  • Pre-qualify patients for your organization’s patient assistance program based on factors including the percentage of the federal poverty level, household size, household income, and other definable variables.
  • Separate qualified patients early in the revenue cycle process so you can eliminate significant costs and staff time from having to work these accounts in the collection process.

Self-Pay Account Follow-up Prioritization

  • Assess self-pay accounts using external data and analytics to help segment your accounts based on the patient’s actual ability and propensity to pay.
  • Utilize liquidity and velocity metrics without making unqualified decisions.
  • Identify priority accounts that will yield the highest returns based on patients’ financial ability to pay self-pay balances in a regulatorily acceptable manner.
  • Prioritize your staff and other resources on the accounts that will yield the highest possible returns, while compassionately discounting to meet your mission.

Medicaid Pre-Qualification

  • Identify and pre-qualify patients for Medicaid and government programs.
  • Remove the guessing for your Medicaid enrollment providers (MEP’s) and focus on helping the patients who truly need it.

Get the information you need without the hassles you don’t.

FCRA tools are common—and so are their downfalls. Regulated, non-FCRA tools are the way forward. Only one tool combines Wave Analyzer’s vast capabilities with regulated data strategy. That means only one tool helps your organization when it is at its best, offering compassionate care according to your mission and operating cost-effectively in support of your margin.


Achieve your mission and a 300% ROI

Wave HDC’s Financial Disposition Curator brings success you can measure.

Save time and increase revenue today! Schedule a call with our team and start improving your RCM in as little as 30 days.