MBI Curator

Never get another claim rejected because of MBIs.

Wave HDC’s MBI Curator provides everything organizations need to identify patients and get their Medicare Beneficiary Identifiers in real time. Our one-of-a-kind tool automates the chore of finding and updating MBIs so that your system always has them when you need them.

An automated fix for a persistent problem.

MBIs are new and confusing. Patients typically show up without cards and tend not to have their MBIs memorized, and they can change! So it falls upon organizations to find it somewhere else if they want to get paid. Our tool saves you from calling patients and searching websites—manual work, which takes a toll on productivity especially when staffing is short.

Reworking claims with correct MBIs leads to delays that increase A/R and threaten timely filing limits for claim submission. If that isn’t annoying enough, MBIs can change without warning—and you’ll never even know it until your claim is rejected. With our tool, it’s a non-issue because MBIs are automatically added and updated in the host system.


MBIs automagically appear with our solution.

MBI Curator plugs into your system to find and correct MBIs continuously. Through the work of the Wave Analyzer, our tool does an unrivaled job of taking the information given and finding the MBI without delay or any manual intervention. The Wave Analyzer uses AI, in-memory analytics and robotic process automation to find and figure out patient identifiers, and fix them, automatically. When a patient’s MBI is changed, the tool updates the identifier in real time, for the next episode of care


Don’t give MBIs a second thought.

  • Update old HICNs to MBIs automatically
  • Retrieve MBIs without HICN if one isn’t available
  • Ensure the MBIs in your system are always the most up-to-date automatically
  • Tap into the most up-to-date record of MBIs available

We’ve answered the cry for a simple solution to MBIs.

Competing solutions that claim to automate MBI provision, rely on fiscal intermediary websites to find MBIs via individual lookup or batch. This requires an SSN, which isn’t always available. Our tool supplies MBIs in a totally different way—quietly, automatically and effectively. Wave HDC’s AI-powered technology and superior information sourcing makes this the only solution that lets you solve the problem of MBIs without lifting a finger.


Rejected claims or ROI: It’s up to you

Every claim that doesn’t get kicked back for an incorrect or missing MBI is time saved in the back office that adds up. Our MBI Curator corrects MBIs proactively to save you automatically. If you don’t see a 300% ROI, we’ll make up the difference.