The AR Audit

Address the aging receivables just sitting on your books with a guaranteed 200% ROI

Take control of your AR

Many laboratories and healthcare providers accept outstanding accounts receivables as just another unfortunate burden of doing business. At Wave HDC we see them as an opportunity to grow your bottom line. And we back that up with a guaranteed 200% minimum ROI.

How it Works

Wave HDC takes a file of all unreimbursed patient claims, including:

  • Records lacking enough information to bill insurance
  • Payer claim rejections
  • After-insurance self-pay balance that has not been paid
  • Subscriber-based issues, like, subscriber ID not on file

Utilizing our access to patient insurance, demographic, and propensity to pay data, we perform a comprehensive audit of the records. We identify the potential changes in patient eligibility, data irregularities, and timely filing limits that can prevent you from being paid. We return updated records corrected with the accurate information that gets those claims billed and paid.

The Results

The Wave HDC Audit allows your organization to convert your aging AR to cash at the lowest possible cost-to-collect.

Our Guarantee

Our Data Curation is the best in the industry. Unlike other audits which only identify what is wrong, we correct the problem. In fact, we’re so confident in our product that we back our commitment with a minimum 200% guarantee return on investment. For every dollar you invest we guarantee at least two dollars back in reimbursement.

Get paid for all the services you rendered. Get an AR Audit from Wave HDC.

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Not having the time nor resources to follow up on uncompensated claims, we turned to Wave HDC. Their audit process far exceeded expectations. We spent $56K on our audit and recovered over $4M in reimbursement. Money well spent!

- National Laboratory, CA