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Do you offer regular eligibility or insurance verification?

Yes - However, we look at eligibility as the ability to determine active and billable coverage. Therefore, sometimes the coverage on file can be verified, sometimes it has to be chained; sometimes it doesn’t verify or doesn’t exist and available data has to be curated, interrogated, and found.

Because of this, we have the following features built into our eligibility toolset:

  1. Eligibility Curator - Verifies the coverage provided and chains when needed.

  2. Coverage Curator - When coverage is missing, obsolete or incorrect, this will find it after verifying identity.

  3. MBI Curator - When an incorrect or obsolete MBI, HICN, or blank ID field is present, this tool will find the current MBI for you in real time, touchlessly.

  4. Retro Caid - Sometimes Medicaid takes time to update and you need to check the same DOS on a recurring basis and Medicaid updates. This tool will do that for you without human intervention.

  5. Part A Status - Healthcare providers that service long-term care facilities struggle to secure accurate patient census data. Wave HDC Enhanced Eligibility monitors a patient Medicare Part A and Part B status changes and notifies our clients so that they can bill the appropriate party for their services.

  6. Deductible Monitoring - If cost to collect and collection effectiveness are your goals, this is the tool for you. It tracks deductibles and notifies your system when to drop a bill at the earlier of the deductible being exhausted or the timely filing limit is fast approaching.

We have patient contact and demographic issues. Can you help?

Yes - With our Demographic Curator, we use only the best available regulated data to ensure maximum accuracy and current information without the false positives and guesswork.

Additionally, If you use or are considering maximizing your USPS bulk mail rate discount, you our Demographic Resolver option is for you. It performs delivery point validation and provides back the necessary data for intelligent barcoding at no additional cost.

We want to ensure compliance with our hardship, financial assistance, or charity programs. Can you help?

Yes! Our Financial Disposition tool innovates beyond the traditional credit report-based or census tract tool, to meet the specific regulatory requirements of the IRS and other outside scrutiny. We use regulated data to adhere more closely to any other product on the market, without the credit surcharges or soft inquiries and without data that can be aged out, like census data.

How do I get started?

Visit us at and click “Get Started” in the upper right hand corner. We’ll respond to your inquiry very quickly.

Can Wave clean up my A/R before fully integrating?

Yes - Wave encourages new clients to submit open A/R so Wave’s analytical tools can initiate learning mode, then proceed to fixing mode. Before a client is fully operational, Wave will put a 200% return guarantee on the cost to convert your old A/R to cash because of Wave’s confidence in the quality of their products.

Is Wave real time?

Yes, when you want it to be. Sometimes you want a process to run on a recurring frequency by batch, which Wave can do too.

Can Wave resolve my COB issues?

Yes, Wave resolves COB and primacy conflicts are resolved.

Does Wave work with RPA tools?

Yes, Wave can normalize data to a degree that our results are compatible with RPA technologies that don’t have defect tolerance.

Why use Wave?

Because you want to know who to bill; when to bill; accurate patient demographics, and which patients qualify for financial hardship. And you want to do all this automagically and touchlessly. If you are tired of the excuses made by your eligibility clearinghouse, you should speak with Wave.

What is the Wave Analyzer?

The Wave Analyzer is the interface to Wave’s brain. In memory analytics are the tendons and ligaments where data and messages are processed at the highest speeds, and interfaces and RPA are the muscle that picks data up and puts data down.

Can we embed Wave in our current systems?

Yes - Wave is API friendly in both real time and batch.

Is Wave SaaS?

SaaS and DaaS (Data). Wave is designed to work with, not against other systems, and will never fight for screen real estate. On the contrary, Wave’s APIs allow other systems to leverage Wave as an embedded toolset.

Is Wave SOC II compliant?


Was Wave designed by sorcerers and magicians?

It’s like Arthur C. Clarke said… “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” But no, we do not employ sorcerers nor magicians.

I heard that Wave can help me monitor payer connectivity via an API? No clearinghouse does that, does Wave really do that?

It’s true that no clearinghouse did that, until we innovated it. Yes, we can enable you to monitor payer connectivity within your own software as part of our Premier Support package.

Aren’t all eligibility clearinghouses the same?

It may seem so, until you work with a partner that’s distinguishably different. Wave is all about value vs merely passing data along. Give it a try and you’ll see.

My RQA vendor said I only have a 3% error rate, so why do I need Wave?

RQA vendors can only measure what they know how to measure and can measure. Since you can’t fix what you can’t measure or don’t know how to measure, the limit of their accuracy is the limit of what they can and know how to measure. They tend to measure the presence of data and sometimes the format as opposed to the integrity of the data which requires a much more robust toolset, . Pay attention to your back end resources, and if they’re growing, you probably need us.