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On average, 40% of a provider’s data is incorrect, obsolete or missing—creating billing errors, mail returns, and denials. We fixed that.

Meet The Wave Analyzer

Meet The Wave Analyzer


Real Intelligence

At the core of of our curation services is the Wave Analyzer, a proprietary combination of artificial intelligence (AI), in-memory analytics (IA) and robotic processing automation (RA) that enhances a your host RCM system by integrating our suite of tailored solutions

Artificial Intelligence

When a patient record is reviewed by Wave’s AI engine, it compares the record with our expansive data and identifies any missing or invalid demographic and coverage information. Our AI engine checks the patient record against 108 data points from our extensive pool of regulated data and payers to determine which data is accurate, and confidence scores each attribute. The findings are passed on to Wave’s IA.

In-Memory Analytics

In-Memory Analytics interprets the information from the AI query, further analyzes the results and provides instructions for the RA as to how to triage the results for host system ingestion.

Robotic Processing Automation

Robotic Processing Automation takes the instructions from the IA and updates the patient record back into your HIS, PMS, LIS, order entry, or billing system.

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With the Wave Analyzer plugged into your system, your records are seamlessly corrected in real time, without staff intervention.

In the highest performance model, the information is resolved pre-claim in the registration or order system of record, maximizing your submission of clean claims, and marginalizing back-end denials, appeals and resubmissions.

We create the most comprehensive patient profile in the industry. Additionally, as each record goes through our proprietary process, the Wave Analyzer system grows smarter by solving problems and identifying trends. The more information that flows through the system, the smarter that system becomes for the client.

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Birdrock Labs Realizes 10x Return on Shadowbox + Wave HDC Tech Solutions

Birdrock Laboratories, a San Diego-based diagnostic lab, partnered with Shadowbox for EHR integration and engaged Wave HDC for revenue cycle management (RCM) and denial prevention. The solution eliminated manual data handling, reducing staff costs and time spent on billing and claim appeals.

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Who is Wave HDC for?

If you depend on patient data, you need Wave HDC.

Wave HDC is a data-as-a-service plug-in that can easily be implemented into a host HIS, PMS, LIS, order entry or billing system.

our solutions

The Wave Analyzer drives the unprecedented performance of every Wave HDC solution.

The industry's most comprehensive and accurate patient profiles, created by the Wave Analyzer, provide the data that differentiates our solutions from any other tool that's available today.